Electrical Network Training

CV welcomed Intuitive Training onsite at our Hendra head office to deliver the T0911 course (Introduction to Electrical Network Infrastructure for Authorised Persons) and annual refresher training to our Infrastructure Services team.

Our number one priority is ensuring the safety of our team while they carry out their vital work which is why we believe in providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills to stay safe on site, especially when dealing with overhead and underground powerlines.

Through this comprehensive training, our team is now fully equipped to:

  • Work safely near electrical lines
  • Understand and adhere to safety codes
  • Identify and manage potential risks
  • Respond effectively to electrical incidents or accidents

With CSQ funding available, not only our team but tradespeople all across the state are able to access critical training such as this, amplifying safety practices throughout the industry.

Thanks to Intuitive Training for sharing their invaluable expertise with our team!